Window treatment faceoff: How do blinds have an edge over conventional curtains?

Whether your focus for your home is fancy decor or you have a renovation need approaching and it’s your budget restraining you from picking an expensive window treatment, knowing your options in all cases is a must.

Since window treatments in today’s time are available in plenty of ranges, you must know what you can pick your choice from. This will not just help you get aware of your options but will also allow you to make a data-driven purchase.

If we look back at our childhood, we have all seen a wide range of curtains in our houses and all the others we have been to. However, with the passage of time, we slowly got moved to a better version of window accessories and this brought us to experience what it feels like to have blinds in lieu of curtains. Today, we are in one such position that we sometimes aren’t able to ascertain which option is better to use. If you are one of those houses which still has curtains and want to change them for a better alternative, then this article will help you make the right choice between curtains and blinds.


Curtains can be really pricy to buy as they need more material as well as time for preparation. Since they also require an external bracket for their installation, going through each and every process will not just demand extra hours and days from you but will also require some extra inches of the material for the kind of appearance you want. Nonetheless, blinds should be your pick if you want to get a classy look within a limited budget. Since these require very less material for their manufacturing, there’s never too much time between your order and final installation as they get prepared way too soon. While going for blinds, all you have to be aware of are the various types of blinds so you are able to pick the right kind for your property.


We have all seen curtains as our home decoration from a very early stage of our lives. However, there are only a few people who have come across blinds in their childhood. Between this time, a lot has changed including the arrival of technology and how it has shaped itself over the last few years. Today blinds are not just basic blinds – they have options. These different varieties
include vertical and horizontal (Venetian) blinds and have further too many variations based on your unique choice. Curtains on the other hand do not have any technology attached to them and can only have differences in their colors, size, heaviness and prints.

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