What to ask a window treatment vendor before final payment!

Adding new window treatments to home is a great way of adding new appeal, freshness and attraction to your property. Since adding these can change the whole look of your place altogether, there’s literally nothing more you have to do when trying to bring in some newness to your place.

However, just finalizing what you want and paying for it will not do justice to your requirement. You have to put some extra effort in ascertaining that what you have been planning on putting your money into is the right article and that you are buying it from an accurate merchant.

Take a look at the following points to know what to ask a window treatment vendor before paying to them for your purchase:

● How much time will you take to deliver the final product?
● Will your team visit for measurements?
● Will we be given a preview of how it will look on our windows?
● Do you offer replacement in case of damage/defect?
● Do you charge extra for installation?
● Do you provide maintenance services?
● Are maintenance services free or charged for?
● How much do you charge for them if they are not included in the package?
● How to clean the window treatment type that I am buying in particular?
● Do you sell cleaning supplies for these window treatments?
● Do you prefer online payment or in cash?
● For how long have you been dealing in this marketplace?
● How big is your team?
● Do you manufacture the product yourself or outsource it from a third party?
● Is your customer support team responsive?
● Do you offer discounts for bulk shopping?
● How do you deal with customers that face problems with your products within 6 months – 1 year of purchase?
● Do you offer a warranty?

These are some super crucial questions to raise while buying your window treatments. Since these can be easy to forget while you focus on the article you wish to purchase, knowing how you will be dealing with them in the long run is also equally important. Hence you must know about the services you are entitled to through this purchase along with other crucial factors that you should keep in mind going forward.

Do you want a smooth and easy window treatment shopping experience? Let us take you through a seamless buying journey. Contact us today!

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