Top two window treatment options you must know about!

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Want to create a cozy bedroom for yourself or is it your study/media room that needs a transformation right away? No matter which area of your house demands a change, working on the windows before anything else will contribute extensively in bringing a huge shift. But while it is easy to suggest this makeover, what will create an issue for you is selecting the right kind of window treatment for your property.

Before you make a selection and wish to get your prudent decision turned into reality, make sure you have gained deeper insights into all types of window treatments available in the market place. This will help you in picking the most suitable and appropriate covering for your property. Take a quick look at the following to know what these options are and how you can make use them: 


Shades are often used when one wishes to soften or filter the light instead of blocking it out, completely. These do not consist of any slats or vanes like blinds or other forms of window coverings. Being, made up of continuous fabric pieces these are rolled up upon need through a pulley mechanism. Shades are available in various types such as woven wood shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades and so many more. 


Blinds are harder than shades that help in giving your property a classic appearance with their versatile features and high-end outward look. These come in a variety of widths as well as lengths and can be made of wood, aluminium, vinyl and other composite materials. The best part is that these can open and close both completely and partially, giving you unsurpassed control over both privacy as well as light. 

It’s true that there are many options available when it comes to acquiring window treatments, but the above mentioned are such two covering which never are out of style and are taken into consideration more than anything else. Wish to grab these for your property? Get in touch with us at FB rugs today! 

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