Top methods to clean your blinds in no time!

Shiny and fresh looking blinds give your home the right appeal that you cannot afford to miss. Since these little things give your homes better value on the market place, keeping them maintained around the clock becomes necessary.

There are various methods you can utilize to clean your window treatments. When it comes to blinds, the tools and techniques you can use are wide-ranging. If you have been looking to buy blinds or already have them installed in your house but want to
know the top ways of cleaning them in no time then here are a few you can try out yourself:

Collect the right cleaning supplies:

You cannot clean any window treatment without buying the right cleaning supplies. And while there are high chances that you may already have these items at your home, having a list and knowing what exactly they are will give you ease.

Here are some basics things you need to gather:

1- Gloves
2- Microfiber cloths
3- Vacuum brushes
4- Chemicals
5- Warm water


The best way to begin your cleaning process demands lowering your blinds. Since they way it will give you access to every part and corner of the window treatment, you will be able to cover and clean all of the areas quickly and with much ease. Hence, make sure you lower them and tilt them downwards for your own cleaning comfort and increased help.

1- The first method is to clean them by dusting all the excess dirt off. Use a vacuum to do this and once it has taken in all the dirt that it was able to, try using a wet cloth dipped in warm water to clear the edges and corners more easily using a microfibre
cloth. Don’t forget to wear a pair of socks or gloves while doing this so your hands are safe and away from any dirt particles at all times.

And while it is okay to use chemicals and bleaches to clean your blinds, remember the material of your blind before putting any such chemical on it.

2- The next step involves flipping the blinds and starting the same process all over again on the other side. This will help you cover the majority of your blinds and will leave you with the corners and edges only.

Did you find out tips and tricks helpful? These are easy to use and do not cost you any money. The bonus is that they keep you away from harmful and harsh chemicals too.

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