Guide to make your window treatments last long

Are your blinds always dirty and musty? This could be a sign that your maintenance procedure has flaws. And while blinds are never the kind of window treatments to demand too much work from the homeowners – a little bit here and there is always required to keep your decor from wearing out before time.

To help you keep your window treatments (blinds) neat, hygienic and fresh-looking – we have compiled a list of must-do cleaning chores. Take a look to know how you can make them last longer than you anticipate:

Let’s take a look at the general steps before we venture into advanced methods:

● Understand the material of your window treatment first. Since all the cleaning methods you need to pick depend entirely upon the type of window treatment you have bought, take a close gander at the article’s details before moving further.
● Read the window treatment’s care and washing instructions. This is an imperative and mandatory part of the job which you must not stir ahead without. If you have for some reason lost this information then getting in touch with the vendor or simply using the search engines to perform research is suggested.
● Get hold of the tools you will be needing to clean the window treatments. Whether one or more than five, you should know what those are and collecting them beforehand will save you from last minute hassle.

Advanced methods:

Prepare an inventory

Since cleaning could be of various types and may need to be performed at different time zones, having a list of what you will be requiring for this job is a necessity. While there could be plenty of things such as cleaning solutions and wipes that you may already have at home, other things which are specifically designed for the article’s cleaning will have to be bought. And for this,
preparing an inventory ahead of time is essential.

Learning the don’ts

And while everyone likes to talk about the cleaning methods you should infuse, nobody really elaborates on the ones you should strictly avoid. This is where people go wrong with their methods and often end up ruining their window treatments completely. As a responsible homeowner, make sure you read this side of cleaning too so you know what you cannot and must not do with your blinds while keeping them maintained.

Cleaning frequency:

Since blinds have never been the type to call for a lot of cleaning, reading about the number of times you should clean them in a month will keep you in a beneficial state. Since mild wiping and deep cleaning once in a two months could all be the requirement of this window treatment, rubbing them with hard solutions more than necessary can put you in trouble.

Do you often worry about cleaning your blinds? Our article will help you create a roadmap to seek direction. Get in touch with us today!

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