Cleaning tips for fabric-based window treatments

As a homeowner, you must be aware of the cleaning tactics used for a hard surface. FYI, cleaning a softer one is way different and challenging from wiping off an object that has concrete edges. For this reason, it’s highly important that you first understand how to deal with such materials and then begin cleaning them. Since window treatments aren’t the kind of objects that you want to buy every 2 months or changing seasons, there have to be some considerations that you must make in order to have these cleaned properly at all times.

Here are some cleaning tips you can make use of for your fabric-based window treatments.
Take a look:

Regular maintenance:
Keeping your windows maintained by cleaning them on a regular basis is one way you can boost the longevity of your window treatments. Since unwanted dust buildup often leads to plenty of allergens sticking around in your house or commercial space resulting in infections, taking care of this aspect through performing regular cleaning is imperative. The best way to keep these kinds of window treatments clean is by using vacuums every weekend on the lowest suction mode available on the equipment. This will not just help you get rid of all the dust but will also give the item a fresh and new appeal.

Spot riddance:
While living a regular life, coming across incidents where you or your family members can end up leaving some splashes and splatters on the fabric of your window treatment. And while these spots may be easy for you to clean in most situations, there may also be times when they are stubborn enough to not leave the surface of your curtains through regular spot cleaning roll-on sticks and sprays. For these situations, you need a permanent and a better solution. To get help, you should always blot the spot (do not rub as it smudges the stain and make it even worse) and sponge clean it with a spot removal solution. You can get these solutions either from the window treatment service provider themselves or the market.

Do you always have issues maintaining your fabric-based window treatment? Well, it’s time you should move to newer and simpler forms of window treatments with better features to avoid care hassles. Call us today to know about our stock!

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